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Podcast IconWhat is Integrative Primary Care Medicine?
Tune in to SMG Radio to hear Dr. Marianna Shimelfarb demystify and explain how integrative family medicine works, which holistic practices can be incorporated in patient treatment, and the health benefits you and your family will accrue if you choose to embrace integrative medicine.
Seven Tips to Cope With Spring Allergies
Here come the daffodils, the tulips, the leaves, the new grass — and the allergies! Don't let your seasonal allergies disrupt your spring activities. Here are seven helpful tips from SMG allergist, Gary Pien, MD, on how to cope.
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17 Million Americans May Have Easy-to-Miss Form of High Blood Pressure
Nearly one in eight adults whose blood pressure is normal at the doctor's office actually has high blood pressure at home or work, a new study says. Learn more about this common but often-overlooked form of high blood pressure.
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Check Yourself for Testicular Cancer
Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men between the ages of 20 and 39, and the leading cause of cancer-related death in this age group. Despite its high prevalence in young males, testicular cancer is considered to be a modern medical success story with more than 95% of men who are diagnosed being cured. Here is what Michael Volpe, MD, urologist at Summit Medical Group, says you should know about the disease.
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Only a Weekend Warrior? It Can Still Lengthen Your Life
If you can only manage to work out once or twice a week, don't fret: That may be enough to give you substantial health benefits, a new study finds. Find out if you’re exercising enough — and how you can move more.
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INFORMATION SESSION: Understanding Medicare Advantage and Medicare Options

Wednesday, April 19, 2017
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Are you recently retired or approaching retirement, and reviewing changes to your health benefits? Learn more about your Medicare coverage options, such as Medicare Advantage, as well as how to enroll, when to act, and strategies for maximizing your benefits. Presented by United Healthcare. Representatives from Horizon BCBSNJ, Aetna, and SMG Billing Office staff will also be present.

3-PART SERIES: Nutrition for Optimal Health After A Cancer Diagnosis

Join Summit Medical Group's Breast Care Center for a special presentation, Nutrition for Optimal Health After a Cancer Diagnosis. This three-part series will be presented by the registered dietitians of LivingPlate. Learn about your body's ability to fight disease and maintain health by utilizing compounds found in everyday whole, plant-based foods. The sessions will be April 27, May 4, and May 11. When registering, please use the April 27 date. Please note, we ask that you are able to attend all three sessions of the series.

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